How to Play


It's simple-- moving counter-clockwise take turns drawing a card from the top of the deck. When it’s your turn, read the card out loud. Pull either a Wildcard, Truth or Shot card, or a For The Streets card. Follow the instructions and/or answer the question on the card drawn.


What's in the Deck:
Questions that are messy, embarrassing, entertaining and uncomfortable.
 50 FTS Cards - For the Streets (scenario, have you ever, t/f)
50 TOS Cards - Truth or Shot (tell the truth or take a shot)
100 WC - Wildcards (cards which require you to perform an action)


Types of Cards:
For The Streets  
A player responds to the card drawn, and the other players must determine if that player is for the streets based on their answer.
If majority rules a player is for the streets, then he/she must flip the card to the For The Streets side and set that card in front of them. If that player is determined to not be for the streets, he/she can then return the pulled card to the bottom of the deck, wording side up.
Every time a player is deemed For The Streets he/she must take a drink.
Truth or Shot  
Player must answer the question on the card. If that player is not about that life, they must take a shot instead.
Player must read the card and complete the given task/answer the given question.